Q?Why should I work with a landscape designer?

Because a professional landscape designer spends their life thinking about the subject, they come to your garden filled with knowledge, creative ideas and imagination to develop a custom design that is uniquely suited to your home, lifestyle and personal preferences.

Q?What should I look for in hiring a landscape designer?

One of the main ingredients for a successful garden design is the trust and confidence that is established between client and designer. To help select the right designer to collaborate with on your future garden, click on the icon for some useful guidelines.

Q?What steps are involved in the landscape design process?

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation consists of an onsite meeting to hear your ideas/vision for the property, review my portfolio and discuss possibilities for the site based upon your wishes and budget. Upon mutual determination that we have a good basis for partnership, I will prepare a design services proposal indicating the scope of work and the estimated fees for the project.

Q?Can you help me with exterior design choices for my home and picking out accessories and/or furnishings for the garden?

There is a saying that “the devil is in the details”, and selecting the details is one of my favorite parts of landscape design! The main goal is to ensure that the exterior details work together to enhance the architecture of the home and are in keeping with the look and feel of the garden. These details may include help with selecting paint colors, new garage doors, woodwork & trim accents, mailboxes, exterior light fixtures, address plaques, outdoor furniture, fountains & garden art. When these design elements are planned cohesively, they contribute to a feeling of harmony in your outdoor spaces.

Q?What if I don’t like something you suggest?

Ideally, the design process is collaborative and iterative so that we work together to create a place of beauty and personal meaning especially for you. I listen carefully to your ideas and vision for the property and obtain as much input as possible from you about your goals, lifestyle and likes/dislikes through our dialog and completion of my client questionnaire. The more information you give me upfront, the better, i.e. photos you have collected of favorite gardens, plants, furniture, containers, etc. I then work to create a garden setting that meets your goals, reflects your aesthetic tastes and complements your house architecture and site character.